Best Spotify Playlists for the Beach

When it comes to summer, I like to listen to a certain type of music, especially at the beach. It’s all about relaxing, chilling out, and having a good time. If you feel the same way then the following Spotify playlists will surely be a hit for your days on the beach! Don’t have data? Download spotify, sign up (even for a free 3 month trial), and download the playlists to listen on the go!


  1. Mellow Beats – mellow music and hip hop instrumentals, perfect for a beach nap
  2. Acoustic Pop – mellow, a little bit moody, definitely relaxing
  3. Hanging Out and Relaxing – chill, laid back tunes


  1. Tropical Vibes – for lounging around with a pina colada in hand
  2. Tropical Morning – blissful, like driving with the windows open on a sunny summer day


  1. Latin Dance Cardio – to get you in the mood to dance
  2. Merengue Mania – perfect to get your spirits up!

R&B and Hip-Hop

  1. R&B Right Now – all the latest R&B hits
  2. Hip-Hop Central – all the latest hip-hop hits
  3. Gold Edition – the hottest R&B artists and songs

Oldies but Goodies

  1. This is: Frank Sinatra – you can’t go wrong with a little Sinatra
  2. All Out 60’s – if you love classics like me, then you’ll love this one

Got any other good playlists in mind? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to give them a listen!




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