How to Maintain an Organized Bedroom

Is it just me or do bedrooms actually seem like a magnet for dust bunnies, garbage, and clutter? For me, the Spring and Summer seasons make me feel like I need a refresh, AKA a good bedroom clean-out, and when it comes to organizational tips, I’m your gal. Let’s look at a few ways you can keep clean and maintain an organized bedroom.

Before we get started, take a step back and evaluate your room. What stands out to you the most (in an unorganized and messy way) and what should be cleaned up first?


Whether it be garbage, clothing, or random items let’s be real people, the clutter in your room is doing you NO good. So get rid of it. Ask yourself how long ago you used a specific “clutter item” or how often you use it. Chances are… you haven’t used it in months-years and it’s collecting unnecessary dust. Try selling some stuff or just simply donate it!


This may not be the easiest task if you’re doing it alone, but it can certainly make your room look less cluttered and bigger. The way your furniture is placed makes a huge difference in the appearance of size and how clean it looks. Try not to place dark furniture all in one section of the room. Instead, spread it out (if possible) to create a more spacious feel. The more space you have, the cleaner it will look.


Have you ever walked into a kitchen that has endless mounds of containers, food items, and clutter on its countertops? Probably. Now have you ever walked into a kitchen with spotless counters and a single vase of flowers? If you have then you know what I’m talking about. The multiple “things” laying around on your drawer or table tops are an instantaneous sign of messiness. Get rid of that stuff! Not sure where to put it? Check out the next tip.

I always try to keep my daily used items on this dresser! Nothing else!


Obviously when you’ve got a million different things in front of you, you don’t know how to organize them. So store your least used items out of reach (if you absolutely can’t give them up) and store your most used items in an easy-access place. The least used items might even be a collection of sweaters you’re not wearing because it’s Spring time!

For me, a clean desk space is everything so I always keep this area spotless.


I cannot tell you how madly obsessed I am with storage boxes! If they fit, I would buy them ALL. Storage boxes allow for more organized drawers and shelves, and labelling them allows for an easier search of the things that you need. If your storage boxes are in plain sight, then place items that you use the most in them.

These bins each have specific items, but they’re not labelled because they’re in plain sight. Grab some at IKEA!


Put them away, and KEEP THEM AWAY. It’s tempting to throw them on the bed or floor I know, but I guarantee putting them away will be more beneficial to you. One, you’ll know where to look. Two, you’ll have a cleaner room. When you finish a load of laundry put it away RIGHT AWAY!


It doesn’t matter if they’re on the floor or on a rack, make sure your shoes are aligned and looking good. A pile of shoes just means a bigger mess and duh, dirtier shoes.

Not the prettiest shoe rack, but it does the job.


This is self-explanatory. Think of a hotel room! No one wants to walk into a hotel room to an unmade bed right? Use that idea for your own bedroom and I promise people won’t be scared to walk into your room anymore! ☺️

In the process of getting a new duvet cover… at least it’s made! 😂


It’s always refreshing to clean your room, no matter how much you dread actually doing it. It’s worth it in the end my friend. Hey I rhymed hah! By cleaning I mean dusting, wiping down, vacuuming, and mopping. Try to do this at least every two weeks.


If you really take a look at the things you own you’ll notice that they can be categorized into groups of electronics, hygiene, clothing, sport, accessories, the list goes on. So try to organize and store them in their proper categories to make it easier for yourself when you go looking for something!

Electronics all together!
Fragrances all together!
Handbags all together!

The most important thing to remember is that an organized room requires attention on the daily. Put your clutter away every day and throw your garbage into the can immediately! Let’s get our rooms into shape once and for all shall we!

If you have any more tips on how to organize your room please let me know in the comments below!



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