5 Ways to Style a Mini Denim Skirt

It’s safe to say that denim skirts are a hot trend right now, so I’d like to dig in and share my top 5 ways to style one!

#1 Plain white T-shirt and Simple Jewelry

Sometimes less is more! It doesn’t matter if your skirt is plain denim or has an embroidered design because a white t-shirt will never get old. It’s a classic staple and with simple jewelry it can create a timeless chic look.

Shirt: Zara – Jewelry: Tiffany&Co

#2 Oversized Sweater or Hoodie

This look is all about comfort and that “I’m wearing my boyfriend’s sweater” vibe. Seriously, who doesn’t love wearing oversized sweaters?! Styling denim is easy because just about anything goes with it and in this look you’re free to go for a neutral or colorful top.

Sweater: Calvin Klein (my boyfriends)

#3 Bodysuit

This is one of my personal favourites because with the right denim fit, it can be really flattering. Try a plain tank top body suit or try out something with mesh to spice it up. This look is perfect for a day to the beach, especially if you’re wearing a one piece, or a night out!

Bodysuit: Forever21
One Piece: Zara

#4 Cropped Top

The mini denim skirt I own is a DIY but it’s also high-waisted so I often like to pair it with a cropped top. Some examples of cropped shirts are cut t-shirts, blouses, or longer bralettes. I personally wouldn’t pair a low-riding denim skirt with a cropped top because it’s a little too much exposure for me, but it’s definitely an option if you’re up for it!

Crop Top: Romwe
Crop Top: Romwe

#5 Loose Button Down

This also is one of my go-to looks because it’s so relaxed, yet so classy! A loose button down blouse itself can be styled in so many ways, why not pair it with a bit of denim? Try leaving the bottom buttons undone and then tying the ends, or leave the top buttons undone for an off the shoulder look. There are so many possibilities!

Blouse: H&M

How do you style your denim skirt?





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