Latest Purchase – Chloé Sunglasses

On Sunday I told you about how to find the pair of sunglasses that flatter your face best, so today I thought I’d show you what types of sunnies I wear! If you haven’t read Sunday’s post, check it out here.

My Face Shape

I’ve always been a little confused as to what face shape I have because sometimes I look square and other times I appear more round. Now based on my photos I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a heart shaped face. I definitely have the BROAD forehead (more like five-head), a smaller chin/ jawline area, and somewhat high cheekbones.

According to my guide, a cat-eye works best to flatter my face, which I admit I do like but don’t actually own any of. A cat-eye will probably be the next pair that I purchase, just not any time soon.

Finding MY Perfect Pair

So the summer weather has finally arrived in Vancouver and lately I’ve been feeling the urge to splurge on a nicer pair of sunnies. Originally I was looking at the black Céline Tilda Sunglasses because they were constantly popping up on my Instagram feed and I was falling in love. I went to Nordstrom and tried them on, where they retailed for $435CAD, and I felt pretty! Yet I just couldn’t swallow the idea of spending that much on a pair of sunnies that I could probably find cheaper online, so I went web searching. I found a pair online that retailed for $354CAD and was stoked! However I still hesitated purchasing them.

Céline Tilda Sunglasses, $435

A week went by of me constantly thinking about them, budgeting my income to purchase them, and dreaming of all the #ootd pics I could take with them… but I still didn’t buy them. Until yesterday when I walked by an eyewear shop in the mall that had a 40% off sign. I dragged my bestfriend into the store determined to find the perfect pair and I DID! I found THE most perfect pair of glasses, they were 40% off, and they weren’t even the Célines! It had to be fate right?

I purchased a pair of Chloé sunglasses that look somewhat alike to the Tilda style, but they’re smaller and in the colour tortoise instead of black, which ended up looking more flattering on my face anyway!

My Collection of Sunnies

In addition to the pair of Chloé glasses that I just purchased, I have two other pairs that I wear quite often. One is a classic pair of Light Brown Gradient Rayban Aviators and the other is a look-alike pair of Céline Shadow sunglasses from Mirina Collections.

The aviators help to focus on my small jawline area and the Shadow look-alikes help to offset and soften my jawline as well. The Chloé pair is more of a square shape, however because the corners are rounded, it flatters my square-like jawline!

Light Brown RayBans Aviators

As I just recently purchased the Chloé sunglasses, I don’t have a photo of them on me yet, so head over to my Instagram page to be the first to see them on me! (@haleyestradaa)

If you find you have a similar face shape to my own, then try on some of these styles! You might just fall in love with a pair like I did!

Until next time loves…




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