Giftagram – Gifting Made Easy

Do you ever have trouble finding the perfect gift for someone, wrapping it, and then getting it to them? Me too! Sometimes the process to simply give a gift to someone to show you care or to wish them good thoughts is difficult. Giftagram is an app that has been created to make the gifting process quick, easy, and yet still meaningful! With Mothers Day coming up very soon (May 14) Giftagram is a great option for choosing the perfect gift for your Mom. So here’s how it works.

How It Works

Choose from a wide variety of gifts on the app.
They’re even categorized for you already!
Choose the contact, address, or phone number that you would like to send your gift to.
Have the gift delivered straight to their doorstep!

I received a free gift from Giftagram simply for completing a survey, creating a wish-list, and earning credit on my account! The gift-wrapping of the tote bag I received was adorable and definitely not something I could pull of myself if I were to wrap a gift! Unfortunately my dumb self didn’t snap a photo of the gift-wrapping, but the tote I received is pictured below!

The tote is from Bibelot&Token. Perfect for Spring and Summer days!

I highly recommend this app because of its convenience and all of the fantastic products that it offers for gifting! They have Mothers Day specific items right now, so download the app and check it out! Your Mom won’t be disappointed.

To save $15 on your first gift feel free to use my code “HE213724”! Happy gifting 🙂






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