How to Look Expensive & Classy on a Budget

Let’s face it, not a ton of us have a huge disposable income that we can just spend frivolously on clothing, makeup, shoes, and accessories. It’s difficult sometimes to figure out how to make ourselves look put together on a tight budget and that is the purpose of this post. Whether it’s a casual day out for shopping or a formal evening with the love of your life, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you look like you’re ballin’ (while still on a budget 😉 Who doesn’t want to look like a million bucks?!

  1. ALWAYS make sure that your hair and makeup is well done.

I cannot stress this one enough! If you want to look like you’ve got a million bucks, then you better groom yourself as if you have a million bucks. Okay so you don’t have a personal MUA and hair stylist to prep you every morning or for special events, but you can certainly make yourself look like you do! The key is to keep it clean and majority of the time straight up simple. Don’t make yourself look too flashy, that does just about the opposite of making yourself look expensive. My philosophy on this is that true wealthy/rich/expensive/whatever you want to call them individuals do not feel the need to show off what they have! Don’t be a try hard.

2. Go for neutrals, outfits consisting of one colour, or black when you’re dressing yourself.

Once again, you don’t need to make yourself look flashy in order to look expensive. Neutrals have a way of looking clean and classy while still quite stylish. This is a great tip because neutrals can be paired with a plethora of different pieces, and if you invest in a few more expensive items, it will be much easier to create timeless outfits.

3. Invest in major pieces.

Just like I mentioned before, investing in a few expensive or designer pieces can make a huge difference in your wardrobe choices. Don’t be the shopaholic that buys a gazillion useless and frankly not the best quality pieces that can only be worn a few times! In all honesty, I was like this when I secured my first job and was making bank like never before, but I’ve learned to invest in items that I know I will keep for a long time or even forever! It’s worth it. So save up and buy the Gucci belt that you want 😉

4. Go for entry level designer items.

This post is not about buying designer items, but sometimes having one or two of them can really spice up your wardrobe and make it seem as if you’ve really got dough. OR that you have great self-control. By “entry level” I mean belts, sunglasses, and small accessories from designer collections. If you’re not making a 5-6 figure income, designer items may not be reasonable to purchase but have you ever thought about investing in something small or buying a designer item that you love second-hand? If you really want to make yourself look expensive, then a small designer item may necessary. I’m not talking about logos on logos on logos, but rather something subtle that makes you feel good. When you look good, you feel good. Below are some of what I think are great entry-level designer items. These can be paired with a wide range of wardrobe pieces too!

5. Keep your shoes CLEAN.

Yup, clean like you just walked out of the store with them. Take care of your things! Not to mention, having clean shoes definitely makes you feel like a million bucks. Wipe those spots off of your white sneakers, remove the scuff marks from your patent heels, and make sure your suede is spotless! If you’ve got shiny and new looking shoes people will most likely think that either you just purchased them or that you have such a large collection at home that you couldn’t possibly wear one pair enough for them to get dirty.

6. Iron, iron, iron.

Keep.Your.Clothes.Ironed. Yes people, it is annoying to do but it’s always worth it in the end. Wrinkles and crinkles look messy and definitely NOT expensive or classy. Expensive materials often don’t need to be ironed as much as cheaper materials, so the trick here is to always iron your shirts and slacks. If you’re walking around like a ball of wrinkles then there is no doubt that people will be able to see that you’re wearing a cheap material. However, if you walk around with ironed clothing on then it looks as if A) you just picked up your dry-cleaning (someone else ironed your clothes FOR YOU) or B) you’re wearing a $300 white blouse from Nordstrom. If you don’t have a closet with hangers, I suggest you invest in one or else you’ll be ironing creased clothing forever.

7. Choose your jewelry wisely.

Cheap jewelry is easy to spot, after a while. This is another investment you might have to make just because there are so many cheap options out there that can really add up as they begin to rust or tarnish and you’re constantly buying new pieces. Good quality jewelry, simple jewelry is not hard to find, but can be a little pricey. I suggest that you go with either a small sterling silver or gold necklace, bracelet, or ring without too much crystal or diamond. This way you’ll always have something that’s easy to accessorize with and style. I personally always wear 5 main pieces, and silver is my thang. I wear a matching Tiffany&Co. necklace and bracelet (pictured below), 2 thin silver Pandora rings, and a silver ring from my family. I never have trouble accessorizing with these because they are all of the same material and fairly subtle.

I hope these tips and tricks are of use to you! If you have other suggestions on how to look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks I would love to hear them.




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