Unblemish VS. ProActive

We all know ProActive, the acne line that always used to show on TV commercials with famous celebs telling us how great it worked for them, but most of you may be unaware that the same dermatologists who created it actually made a new re-vamped acne line called Unblemish. Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields, the world renowned dermatologists, sold their ProActive line but have now created a “legacy brand” Rodan + Fields. This is the brand that carries the Unblemish acne regimen, one that I sell myself!

As a user of both different acne lines I have experienced first-hand the effects of them on my skin and acne prone spots. Personally Unblemish is much better than ProActive, and there’s a very good reason for this!

What is the main difference between Unblemish and ProActive?

The main difference between the two lines is the fact that ProActive is acid based whereas Unblemish is sulphur based. The doctors created Unblemish with a formula that is gentler and less harsh on the skin. The ProActive line, a three step process of face wash, toner, and cream consists of benzoyl peroxide in all steps. The Unblemish line however only contains benzoyl peroxide in the third step of the regimen and is actually portion controllable. The medicated treatment in the Unblemish regimen has a dual pump with one side containing an application cream and the other benzoyl peroxide so that the user can control how much “acid” is applied to their acne! This ingredient is what dries out the skin.

My Experience with ProActive

I used the ProActive line for a year and a bit when I was around 14-15 years old and had decently bad acne on my forehead. To be completely honest with you, I was not sure how the process really worked and was confused by the 1, 2, 3 method but I used it anyway. What I remember is that my skin became very dry and flaky, and not just on the parts of my face where there was acne. Obviously dry skin isn’t very attractive, but that’s what the acid was doing to my face. I don’t even think that majority of my acne disappeared from using the product!


My Experience with Unblemish

I recently used the entire Unblemish line, about 5 months ago for an entire month and a half and it was MUCH better than ProActive! The sulphur mask was great for cleansing my face, the toner completely rid my blackheads on my nose (there were many), and the dual intensive acne treatment really got rid of the small acne bumps in my t-zone and on my chin. The line is much less drying than ProActive was and cleared up my skin very nicely! I now use another Rodan + Fields skin care regimen but I always go back to the Dual Intensive Acne Treatment whenever I get random spots of acne.


Why Use Dermatologist Tested and Tried Acne Treatment and Not Drugstore Treatment?

This is a very important thing to note if you’re a user of drugstore acne treatment and have bad acne! Rodan + Fields and ProActive work the way that they do because they are clinical acne treating products NOT topical like your everyday drugstore treatment. Clinical means that these products work beneath the skin to combat the entire acne cycle and prevent further surfacing of it. Topical treatment like the ones you find on drugstore shelves only work on top of the skin and are much less effective because of it. Think about it, if a product is only drying out the pimple on top of the skin what’s going to prevent it from growing again? Nothing! If you struggle with acne and use drugstore products, I highly recommend that you try out a clinical one.

If this helped you please give it a thumbs up and let me know if you have another opinion on these two products! I am also a Consultant for Rodan + Fields so if you’re interested in trying out Unblemish visit my website here or send me an email! I would be happy to help.




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