Why I Started Working Out

Since November of 2014 I have been working out at home. Today I’d like to share why I started working out and why I choose to work-out at home instead of a gym!

Why I Started Working Out

You might laugh at this, but I started working out because I noticed I was gaining weight from working at an ice-cream shop! I worked at Marble Slab Creamery for almost two and a half years and having ice-cream and candies right in front of me every single shift was extremely tempting! I never went crazy, but it was always there so over time I started to gain weight. Obviously, ice-cream is one of the most fattening foods you can eat and I was really noticing how it was affecting me, so I decided to do something about it. Now this is not to say that I was getting extremely overweight but my body was not in healthy and fit shape anymore.

What my Home-Gym Looks Like

I always had a home-gym consisting of the following:

  • Treadmill
  • Bike
  • Bench
  • Steps
  • Adjustable step
  • Weight rack
  • Other small workout items (exercise ball, skipping rope, ab roller, etc.)

I felt that for a beginner this was all I really needed, and the internet really helped me to get a routine of exercises down so that I would have a set schedule every time I worked out. It was that easy! It just took a little bit of determination and self-motivation.

Why I Choose to Work-Out at Home

Of course it’s been over three years since I started working out, but I’ve never actually purchased a gym membership for myself or even a week-long trial for that matter. I’ve been to an actual gym probably three times in my entire life, and that was because my boyfriend brought me along to his so that I could experience it at least once.

I work-out at home for the following reasons:

  • It’s extremely convenient.
  • It stares me right in the face every single day, forcing me to feel guilty if I’m being lazy! That’s a good thing to me!
  • It doesn’t cost me anything (except for cleaning time).
  • I’m an independent body (AKA major introvert) and don’t particularly like being surrounded by people when I workout.
  • It saves me waiting time because I’m the only one using my equipment.

Why I Continue to Work-Out

Working out makes me feel productive, healthy, and happy! I don’t have a goal weight or a goal body-fat percentage but I do have a goal relating to how I want to look and feel. My goal with working-out is to be in the best shape I possibly can be, and that includes eating right as well. I think that I will always have this goal because who doesn’t want to be in shape?! As we get closer to summer and bikini-season I’m really pushing myself to work harder and eat better so that I can enjoy my summer with a more lenient diet. I don’t wish that I looked like an ultra-thin and toned supermodel, but I do have an idealized version of my own body that I know is possible to achieve with hard work and determination!

Do you work-out? If you do, why do you do it? What motivates you?




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