Top 5 Reasons Why Rodan+Fields is Perfect for College Students

I haven’t written about my skincare business in a while so today I’d like to share what I think are the top 5 reasons why Rodan + Fields is perfect for college students!

I’ll start off by listing the top 3 excuses that I receive from college students when approached with the opportunity of becoming a Consultant.

  1. I’m too busy OR I don’t have time.
  2. I’m focusing on school and my studies.
  3. I already have 1, 2, or 3 part time jobs.

I could say that the business isn’t for everyone but I truly believe that no matter who you are or what you want to do, Rodan+Fields can offer something to you.

So here is the question then. What can it offer a college student and why is it perfect for one?

  1. Self-development and something to put on your resume or personal profile.

Imagine being able to put down on your resume that you are a Consultant for a company built by two of the most well-known Dermatologists and female entrepreneurs in the world! With Rodan+Fields you can do just that. The skills and knowledge that can be developed from being an Independent Consultant are endless and can set you apart from many other college students as you are known as a young entrepreneur and business person.

  1. Extra income and bonus rewards.

Tell me what college student doesn’t want some extra money flow. I would be surprised if you could name someone! The college life is expensive, from gas and groceries to tuition there’s a lot to pay for. Most part-time jobs only allow college students to barely get by on a tight budget, but Rodan+Fields offers a fun and creative solution! One that can be worked alongside a part-time or full-time job and school, on.your.own.time. Not to mention, if you really get into the business there are plenty of amazing rewards to go around. These vary from designer jewellery, bags, and clothing to all expenses paid for vacations and a $1000 monthly allowance for a Lexus car of your choice!

  1. Leveraging your existing network is easy.

Well duh you’ve got an entire campus full of thousands of students right in front of you! The networks that we have right now are probably the biggest that we’ll ever have and that’s one of the bonuses of starting in network marketing at a young age. Having that many people right at our finger tips is gold in this business.

  1. Major discounts on premium skin-care that we ALL NEED in one way or another.

Obviously to be an effective skin-care Consultant you need to have used one or more of the Rodan+Fields products, but our Consultant discount makes it worth it! If you can’t afford retail or regularly discounted skin-care then being a Consultant will enable you to get what you need at a lower price.

  1. It’s an easy and flexible business model.

Say goodbye to a set work schedule and checking in with your boss/manager! As a Consultant you are your own boss and you make the rules! Can it get any better than that? Rodan+Fields makes building your own business and running it super easy with their multiple online and virtual training tools. I personally work my business in my spare time, obviously school work is a priority so in between classes or on relaxed evenings I’ll watch videos, write notes, and speak to people about what I’m doing! It’s something that is FUN and enjoyable, it shouldn’t feel like a chore or a regular day job because you can make it your own!

So now that I’ve spilled my top 5 reasons, I’d love to get in touch with anyone, absolutely anyone, who might be interested in this amazing business opportunity. If you’re still hesitant just ask me questions. If you still have objections that you can’t seem to overcome, talk to me or send over referrals, I really appreciate them!





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