Dual Outfits of the Day – Winter&Spring

So Vancouver has been experiencing some strange weather patterns as of lately, and although it’s Spring it definitely does NOT feel like it! It was recently snowing…in March! Unbelievable right? And it’s still pretty chilly for Spring time weather. Therefore the outfits that I’ve been wearing lately are very versatile. I’ve been wearing pieces that can be layered nicely, but can just as easily be taken off to create a cute look if the day happens to warm up.

Below are two of my #ootd’s from the past two weeks, click the links to find out where you can get these pieces or something similar!

Top: Aritzia Wilfred; I purchased this a few years ago and just started wearing it more frequently but if you’re looking for a cute off the shoulder sweater that’s similar shop this one from Aritzia.

Bottoms: I’m actually wearing a jumpsuit from H&M which I also bought a while ago but here’s a similar one.

Accessories: Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Shoes: Although I don’t have a photo of my shoes I paired this outfit with black pointed toe flats like the ones below from Aldo.


Jumpsuit: I wore the same H&M jumpsuit as the outfit previous to this one because it has a cute bow detailing around the waist.

Sweater: Aritzia Wilfred, which isn’t available anymore so you can shop a similar one here.

Accessories: Gucci Imprimé Large Tote Bag; Pandora Rings



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