Trip to Ontario

As you may know, I was recently in Toronto for four days on a trip for my Rodan+Fields business. Before this trip I had never been outside of the Pearson International Airport so this was extra exciting for me because I love exploring new places, especially big cities! I’ve been to Los Angeles multiple times and I can honestly say that Toronto to me felt like a colder Canadian version of it. The freeways, the big city, the lights, the billboards, you so many things! In just four days I was able to visit and experience dining at different restaurants, get a feel for the people, and gain loads of experience from exhibiting at the Toronto Congress Centre.


Where I Stayed

The Toronto Congress Centre is closer to the airport than downtown, and therefore my Dad and I decided to stay at a hotel in Mississauga. It was a 10 minute drive from the Congress Centre so it gave me a little more time to sleep too! Our hotel was nice but unfortunately we didn’t have much down time there except for late in the evenings. Besides our washroom fan not working, it was a good stay. The highlight of the hotel was definitely breakfast in the morning though… it’s my favourite meal of the day. Orange juice, waffles, omelettes, bagels, tea mmm.

Where I Dined

3 nights equals 3 dinners at 3 different places, woo hoo! On the first night, right after my Dad picked me up from the airport we headed over to Tuckers Marketplace and boy was I hungry! This award winning buffet restaurant served us well, and the food was all very tasteful. I ate a plethora of foods but the top 3 for me were the mediterranean kale salad, cranberry quinoa salad, and butter chicken tortolini. The service was great as well and despite the huge crowd of people we walked into at first, our wait time was only about 20 minutes! I highly recommend Tucker’s for buffet style lovers.

Tucker’s Marketplace

On Sunday night we met up with my Aunt whom I had never even met! This was the dinner that I had been looking forward to the most because it was right downtown just a couple blocks away from the CN Tower (photo-op!) and I was curious about my Aunt. From the way she was reviewing the restaurant we were about to dine at I could tell that she too was a foodie! She introduced us to the restaurant Figo  and when I insta-searched it I could tell it was going to be nice AND it fit my theme on Instagram (score!). The restaurant was actually beneath the building my Aunt lives in so we were able to park for free (double score!). You can read my full review of Figo here.

Figo Toronto

Monday night, my last night in Toronto sigh, ended in mounds of sushi and Japanese food at 168Sushi in Mississauga. I can’t complain though, I seriously have an obsession with Japanese food. This all you can eat was SO GOOD. First of all, our menus were actually iPads; no servers took our order! This was insanely cool, especially because each item said $0 beside it and we could add to our “cart” as many items as we wanted (AYCE was a fixed price obviously). The only extras were drinks, and I ended up ordering a “Chocolate Monkey” but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wished I would have. I also ended up devouring 15 whole pieces of salmon sashimi, my FAVOURITE, and a bunch of other menu items. I found it easier to eat a variety of different foods because the servings were actually smaller than usual. So I highly recommend this restaurant for those of you that can never decide what to order at a restaurant. You can try them all here! They have quite a few locations around Ontario too!

168 Sushi

Toronto Gift Fair Experience

You’re probably wondering what I was actually doing in Toronto so now I’ll spill the details.

What the Toronto Gift Fair is All About

The TGA is a trade show for manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers to showcase their products or services to certified retailers and buyers. The show has attracted an international audience over the years and is the top national gift fair and largest trade fair in Canada.


How It Happened

My Dad owns a furniture company, E9 Luxury Living, and since he is a wholesale distributor he often travels to different cities around the world to exhibit his product. I have also worked with him a number of times as a Sales Associate, my favourite being at the Las Vegas Summer Market 2 years ago! I’ve gained loads of experience from working with him, and therefore he suggested that I travel with him to Toronto to exhibit my Rodan+Fields products. He had a gigantic booth at this show and he generously gave me a corner piece of it to do my own thing. He rocks.

What I Was Doing

As a Consultant for Rodan+Fields my Mom and I can run our business however we want to, so exhibiting our product and business opportunity at the TGF was an experiment to determine whether or not doing shows was good way to get our business out there. My Dad set up a smaller booth for me at the corner of his so that I would be able to showcase all of the Rodan+Fields products and speak with retailers and buyers. My hopes in exhibiting were to attract buyers and retailers with an established clientele and customer base. In doing this I would share with them the opportunity of displaying R+F products in their stores for their customer base to see, ask about, and order online. This would be a way for business and store owners to take advantage of what they have already built and make an extra income. At the end of the day, I think that doing the show was good for me and my Mom’s business, and it also enabled me to practice speaking about our product and opportunity. The only downfall doing this show was the fact that it was a “gift show” rather than a beauty or pharmacy show which we may have done better in. But I’m just happy we were able to test the waters out anyway.

My flight home was quite tiring, arriving at 2:30am Toronto time was not fun. Yet I managed to shower, unpack, and get a full 8 hours of sleep before work the next morning. Now that is efficiency my friends.

Overall my trip to Toronto was a memorable and eye-opening experience. I learned new things about my business, improved my people skills, and got to spend quality time with my ever so hard-working Dad. He’s my inspiration, if you’re wondering 😉

My booth setup!

Until next time TO!




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