Restaurant Review: Figo Toronto

During my business trip in Toronto, I had the pleasure of dining at the lovely Italian inspired restaurant, Figo. My experience was so wonderful that I just had to create an individual review for it! From wood-fired pizzas to made-from-scratch pastas, Figo has got it all.

Design & Decor


The restaurant itself was stunning and as a lover of flowers (especially roses) the rose ceiling decor made the experience 100x better.


I love white and Figo was decked out to the nines in white, ivory, and cream coloured furniture and decor. You can only imagine how in love I was when I first walked in. The windows had gigantic rose decor as well and it just added to the elegance of the restaurant.


Figo had an open kitchen concept and the detail-oriented arch was beautiful. You could smell the different spices, sauces, and plates that they were making, which only made me hungrier!


The bar shared this arch design and although I was there in the evening when it was dark outside, the bar was lit up quite nicely. The warm lighting throughout really contributed to the overall charm of the restaurant.


If the service isn’t there, then I’m not going back but our waiter was extremely polite and consistent in making sure that we had enough water, that our table was clean, and that plates were cleared immediately upon finishing a dish. 10/10 service in my opinion. You could say that I will be going back the next time I’m in TO! Probably to try out their brunch though 😉


Now on to the serious stuff, the FOOD! First of all, who doesn’t love Italian food, even Italian-inspired cuisine? At the time we were dining, Figo was offering a “Love Winter” set menu for $55, and for cuisine like this I thought it was a pretty good deal! My Dad went for the set menu, but I opted for the traditional menu items. I went for the Zucchini Fritti appetizer and the Tortelli pasta as my entree.

Zucchini Fritti

The Zucchini Fritti was a heavenly combination of thinly sliced and deep-fried zucchini drizzled with a lemon cream and honey. It melted in my mouth, and it was quite a large serving too! I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an appy to share at Figo.


The Tortelli pasta was equally delicious, if not more. It seems that I always choose a menu item with butternut squash in it! This tasty dish was a bowl of freshly made butternut squash and ricotta ravioli drenched in melted butter and topped with sage. Out of all the butternut squash ravioli that I have tried (there are quite a few different ones) I loved this one best and it was probably because it was made from scratch in the restaurant and had that fresh, quality taste to it.

Finally, dessert. As you could probably assume, I was quite full by the time dessert rolled around, but I still went for it! That’s something I get from my Dad, never skip out on dessert, duh. I chose the lesser route and got two scoops of gelato and a cookie. Yup, that was the lesser route unfortunately. I got the chocolate and maple gelato and a chocolate dipped chocolate raisin cookie! Honestly, I only ate the chocolate gelato, but I have to say it was rich and mouth-watering good.

So overall, my experience at Figo was very memorable and delectable! This place is definitely Instagram worthy, but better for photos during the day because of the windows surrounding it. If you’re out in Toronto, head over for brunch on the weekend or lunch/dinner any day of the week!




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