Being a Consultant & Entrepreneur

So you’ve read that I’m a Consultant and Entrepreneur but some of you might be wondering what that actually means and what I do. In this post I’ll explain to you exactly that!

A Consultant is generally known as “a person who gives professional or expert advice” and that’s pretty much what I do, but in the field of skin-care. As you know, I am a Consultant for the premium skin-care company Rodan+Fields and so being known as this means that I help and advise people on what types of skin-care they should be using to treat their concerns. The products I  am a so-called “expert” in and advise to people are those of Rodan+Fields. Our skin-care treats sensitive, aging, blemish prone, and sun damaged skin and we also have Essential and Enhancement products such as sunscreens, moisturizers, self tanners, exfoliators, and face powders. Although I am not a dermatologist, I do know quite a bit about how the products work, and what combinations of products work for different skin concerns! If there are people that are looking for solutions to their problems, I’m always here to help out. A big part of Consulting for a direct marketing company is reaching out. Not in a demanding or intimidating way, but in an open, honest, and encouraging way. I stand by all of the products that we provide for people because of the Life Changing results I have seen in hundreds of people, mainly whom I know but some whom I have seen real photos of. Not only that, but I also trust the dermatologists that created all of our products (they created ProActive HELLO, they’re THAT good).


At Rodan+Fields we as Consultants are what keep the company running strong! We are the ones who share the wonderful products with people (and get paid for it!). There is no monthly or annual fee to be a Consultant for our company, which is one of the reasons why it’s different than most direct marketing companies out there. We also have the greatest compensation plan in which we have the chance to earn back our entire initial investment in our first three months as a Consultant. Did I mention that your initial investment can be as low as $52? There are no sales quotas or time expectations and that means we can work our businesses whenever and however much we want to. Although, the rewards that are available for R+F Consultants are spectacular and can only be received if certain sales minimums are met. But in no way does that mean we HAVE TO meet them! Who wouldn’t want an all expenses paid for vacation though…


Now the entrepreneurial aspect comes from running this business with my Mom, not just selling the products. This is our very own business and we run it the way that we want to. As a Consultant I have the ability to create a team and enable others to build their own businesses as well. This is the part of the business that I’m really focusing on, as I explained in my last 2 posts. Through consulting and being a part of this company I’m trying to prove that young people are capable of being successful at a young age and I’m also working on building our team.


Since the very first day that I became a Consultant I have been supported and encouraged by the Rodan+Fields community. Our skin-care community and team of Consultants are warm, welcoming, and so very helpful! It’s definitely made it much easier running a business at this age because there are both ups and down when you’re consulting. Having a good group of people surrounding me and my Mom has heightened our success, that’s for sure.

I hope I’ve been able to answer some questions you had and I encourage you to ask more! I’m open to sharing more about what I do as a Consultant, especially if it’s something you can see yourself or someone you know doing!

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