Story Time

Hey there! As you may have read on my “About Me” page, I’ve started this blog to share with all of you (who are interested of course) about my journey through life as a young female entrepreneur and Consultant. Today I’d like to share a little bit more about myself and how I became a Consultant for Rodan + Fields.

10 Deets About Me:

1.I am the eldest of 7 children. I know right, CRAZY!

2. I have always had a creative side! I’ve taken pottery, painting, drawing, sewing, and dancing classes over my years. I even got a professional wooden easel and paint set for Christmas one year. I’m currently channeling my creativity through my Instagram account, YouTube Channel, and this blog!

3. I’ve also always been active. I’ve tried almost all of the sports you can think of. Gymnastics, competitive swimming, tennis, softball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, cheerleading, skiing, snowboarding, the list goes on.. but my favourites were gymnastics and cheerleading (probably because I’m such a girly girl! hehe). I don’t play on any teams now but I have a home gym that I work-out in almost every day. Fitness and health are very important to me.

4. My Dad owns a furniture business called E9 (Estrada 9, aka my family), and because I’ve grown up watching him, I’ve always had a drive to do something business related. I am currently studying business courses and I’m planning to get my Bachelors of Commerce with a specialization in Marketing.

5. I started working part-time when I was 14 years old, and since then have worked 4 different jobs. I never stopped working while I was in school because I believe that if I can make money for myself then why not do it? Working has always motivated me to work towards my goals and aspirations. Being employed at such a young age really gave me independence and a sense of responsibility.


6. My guilty pleasures are perfume, macarons, and anything Tiffany & Co.


7. I’m obsessed with white. This might just be because I have the tendency to perfect things and everything around me has to be organized but white will always be clean, simple, and chic!

8. I’m not so great at cooking but I do love to bake (when I find the time to). When I was younger that’s all I would do in my spare time, it was never electronics or video games. Instead you could find my teeny-tiny self pushing a sheet of cookies into the oven!

My go to website for recipes is Sally’s Baking Addiction.

 9. Although I love white, my favourite colour is burgundy.


10. I’ve always wanted to have my own blog and business. I’m not a journalist or a writer though, keep that in mind while you’re reading. Fun Fact: English was always my least favourite subject for some reason!

I hope I didn’t just bore you with facts! But I feel that it’s necessary for you all to know me a little more in depth before I share my story.

I was never planning on becoming an entrepreneur, or even running a business for that matter, so I can’t help but think that it was all meant to be! In October of 2016, a close family friend approached me and my Mom about attending a Rodan + Fields event, no strings attached. Now this wasn’t the first time my Mom had heard of the skincare company, but it was the first time she was approached with the idea that I could go with her. We attended the event (that the Dermatologists actually spoke at) and I was intrigued by the idea that I could be running a business with my Mom at the age of 18! The stories of  the Consultants that spoke were mesmerizing and definitely attractive. And so we signed up as skincare Consultants and business partners that evening. I didn’t have a vivid idea of what being a Consultant was like but I knew that it was something I couldn’t pass up.


We hit the ground running during the first few weeks after we had signed up and boy was it an adrenaline rush!! We were promoted to Executive Consultants within our first month!I have never felt so empowered, motivated, and in control of my life and my success.

The great thing about Consulting is that we choose how we want to run our business and because of that my mind has been overflowing with ideas (literally overflowing, I can barely write them all down on one sheet of paper!) It took me a couple of weeks to realize what my WHY was for being a Consultant but I did eventually figure it out and take action. It’s the reason why I created this blog!


I want to empower young people to go after the life that they’ve always wanted by sharing my experiences and my journey as a young entrepreneur. I’m talking lifestyle, career, relationships, and so on. I understand that not everyone’s situation is the same, but it’s the little changes that make a huge difference and I’m super pumped to share with you the changes I’ve made in my life to enhance the way I’m living and to move closer towards my goals and ambitions! Becoming an entrepreneur/Consultant has made me realize that we are all capable of doing anything we want to if we work hard every day and keep our vision in sight. Yes we’ve all heard this before but it’s real for me right now and I’m in control of where I’m going. Not only that, but I’m having fun while working hard. What a splendid combo! It feels absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to share more with you all.




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